Warranty Information

Warranty Information

3 years – parts only. modern engine warranty is that all products will be free from defects in material and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions.

Standard Warranty

3 year warranty from the date of purchase. Subject to limitations set forth, modern engine will replace the product within the warranty period once we determine that the cylinder head is defective. All products must be returned to modern engine to be inspected under the warranty. No warranty determination can be made until the part is returned to and inspected by modern engine.


This warranty does not apply to any of the following:

Damage caused by improper installation, overheating, abuse or neglect. It is the installers responsibility to check all parts for correctness prior to installation. Any installed part either ordered incorrectly by the customer or ship incorrectly by modern engine is not covered under the warranty.

Damage due to overheating, pre-ignition or detonation.

Any damage that occurs due to improper installation

Any product used for competitive racing or performance enhancements

Any product used for commercial, industrial or marine applications

Fluids, towing, rentals or diagnosis charges or Label

Repairs made without our authorization will void the warranty.